Open Bids


Closed Bids

Transportation Fuel RFQ: June 5, 2019

Winner: Home Service Oil Co.

Food Services RFQ: June 4, 2019

Winner: US Foods, Kohls, and MJ Kellner

School Bus RFQ: December 14, 2018

Winner: Midwest Transit Equipment

Food Products: 18-19 School Year

Winner: Various Vendors

2018 MS Active Directory Project

Winner: None (Project delayed)

39 Passenger Busses

Winner: Central State Bus Sales

Three (3) 71 Passenger Bus

Winner: Midwest Transit Equipment

One (1) 29 Passenger Bus

Winner: Southern Illinois Bus

Food Products: 17-18 School Year

Winner: Kohls, US Foods,Vacuum & Janitorial Supply Company

Gasoline & Diesel Bid

Winner: Energy Petroleum Company



Two 29 Passenger Buses

Winner for June and July delivery: Southern Bus & Mobility

Eight 71 Passenger Buses

Winner for 4-bus delivery in June: Central State Bus

Winner for 4-bus delivery in July: Midwest Transit Equipment

MES Remodel of 4th and 5th Grade Wings

Winner: Unterbrink Construction

SES Carpet Repair

Winner: ICS Construction

MES Asbestos Removal

Winner: AES Inc

Food Products

Winners school year 2016-2017: Kohl's Wholesale & US Foods

Health Care

Winner school year 2016-2017: Egyptian Trust

Gasoline & Blended Diesel Fuels

Winner school year 2016-2017: Energy Petroleum Company