Spanish - Sra. Grodeon

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Courtney Grodeon

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This is my tenth year teaching Spanish, but my first year here at Mascoutah High School.  I received a Bachelors in Arts in Historical Studies with minors in Spanish and Social Studies from SIUE in 2007.  I completed my Masters of Secondary Education with focus in Spanish (also from SIUE) in 2012.  As part of my Masters program, I did a Study Abroad during Summer 2009 in Madrid, Spain.  I have incorporated many of my cultural experiences in my classroom curriculum.  I am a member of several professional organizations such as the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL), the Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Language (CSCTFL), and the Illinois Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ICTFL).  

I have very high expectations for the students in my classroom.  Spanish is an elective.  They are choosing to be in my class, so I expect them to treat everyone with respect, follow the school rules, and get their assignments done in a timely fashion.

Spanish I Syllabus                              Spanish II Syllabus