Art/Drama - Scot Erickson

Welcome to the Visual Art and Drama Website at MHS.

My name is Mr. Erickson. MHS offers several visual arts courses, including:
ART FUNDAMENTALS - A year-long introductory class for the visual arts and includes basic drawing skills, color theory, and some ceramics and painting thrown in.

ADVANCED ART - A semester class where students do more advanced projects in ceramics, painting, print-making and other use of other techniques and mediums.

PHOTOGRAPHY & GRAPHIC DESIGN - A semester long class with an introduction to photography, emphasizing using a manual camera, processing black and white film and darkroom prints, digital photography, Photoshop, and basic graphic design.

I am also the Drama and Stagecraft instructor. MHS offers:

DRAMA - A year-long, introductory class to acting which includes improvisation, pantomime, voice, stage acting, dramatic history, and creating a character. Students are required to attend a production outside of class.

STAGECRAFT - A semester class with an introduction to set construction, painting, rigging, lighting and sound for the stage. Students are required to work backstage in an MHS production and attend a production outside of class. 

I also serve as the Fall Play and Art Club Sponsor.