Ms. Anna Jenkins

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<Ms. Jenkins>Ms. Jenkins

First Hour:  British Literature/Mythology
Second Hour:  Appreciation of Language and Literature
Third Hour:  Mythology/Prep
Fourth Hour:  Appreciation of Language and Literature
Fifth Hour:  Advisory/Lunch
Sixth Hour:  Prep/Mythology
Seventh Hour:  Mythology


Classroom Rules

Mrs. Jenkins and Mrs. Heard

1. Required supplies:  blue or black pen, pencil, lined paper, chromebook, textbook

2.  ALL WORK must be turned in hardcopy unless otherwise stated.  If no hardcopy is turned in, the work will be marked as late (50% credit) even if an electronic copy has been submitted. You  may print in the library before or after school or during Advisory/FMP. DO NOT expect to print out a homework assignment during class. This must be done at home, before or after school, or during advisory/FMP.

3.  Sign in and out before leaving the classroom.

4.  Take a hall pass when leaving the room.

5.  Be in your seat when the bell rings.

6.  Treat others and yourself with respect. There is never an excuse for rudeness or poor manners.

7. Check Google Classroom for assignments especially if you are absent.

8.  All other school rules apply.

9.  Generally, we are intolerant of late work. We will accept MAJOR assignments 1-5 school days late for a grade of 50% of what the original would have been and daily work 1 day late for 50% credit. If you are absent when a MAJOR assignment is due, we expect it turned in on the day you return. 10. In A.L.L. we will be reading various short stories, poems, To Kill A Mockingbird, Antigone, Romeo and Juliet in addition to working on formal essay writing and presentations. 11. In British Literature I, we will be focusing on Anglo Saxon Literature, Beowulf, Canterbury Tales, and Shakespearean Sonnets. We will will also be completing a College Admissions Project. 12. In World Mythology, we focus on Greek, Norse, and Celtic mythology. We do a number of written and performance projects. This class is available only to Seniors. STUDENTS SHOULD CHECK GOOGLE CLASSROOM FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION AND ASSIGNMENTS.