Words of the Month

Mascoutah School District #19

Word of the Month

2016 – 2017

First Semester


Goal Setting – identifying desired outcomes and planning a line of action to achieve them.

  • Your hopes and dreams

  • Self-motivation, direction, priorities,  initiatives


Respect – showing regard for self, others, property, and those in authority.

  • Family, peers, adults, community, environment

  • Politeness / Consideration


Responsibility – a willingness to be accountable for your own actions without blaming others.

  • For self, property of others, family, school/job, community

  • Environment:  reliable, punctuality

  • Trust


Cooperation – being able to work together to accomplish a task, play a game, or work out issues.

  • In your family, with your peers, at school / job

  • Teamwork and sportsmanship


Service – extending time and effort to help others.

  • In your family, your community, the earth, your school

  • Generosity

    Second Semester


    Empathy – to understand the feelings of someone else; put yourself in their shoes.  How would you feel?

    • Toward school expectation


    Humanity – Believing that people of different cultures, abilities, religions, genders, and races are equally valuable members of our society.

    • Acceptance, tolerance, equality, fairness


    Honesty – a willingness to say openly what is known to be true.

    • With family, with peers, with adults, at school

    • Trust


    Perseverance – staying on a task; not giving up.

    Patience, determination, willpower, resolve


    Self-Esteem – having and demonstrating a positive belief in yourself.

    • Positive Self Talk (PST)

    • Abilities and talents

    • Relationships, peer pressure

    • Bullying

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